Thorunn Lar studied film making at Afilm International Film Workshops in Catalunya, Spain. She also has a filmmaking certificate from the London Film Academy. 

She has worked in many fields of film making but her main focus and forte is directing and scriptwriting. She has for example  also produced, shot, edited, sound recorded, sound designed and cast.

Her films include Adventureland, The Arrow (feature - In pre-production), Shattered fragments (feature), Aðskotahlutur í hálsi (short), Endurlífgun (short), Bruni (short), Blæðing (short) Sögur úr skyndihjálpinni (documentary) Vertu næs (cartoon) Skyndihjálparlagið (music video/cartoon), tv commercials and introductory videos. (In all of the above she was Director/co-director and Writer/co-writer) She is currently on a writing team for a family TV series based on the award winning book "Mamma klikk" by Gunnar Helgason. 


Thorunn is also a theatre director. Her credits include Bakkabræður (summer 2020), Hans klaufi (winter 2020) and more.  



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